April 22, 2019

International Whores’ Day

Widely observed on June 2nd, International Whores’ Day or IWD, is a day dedicated to sex workers, their accomplices, co-conspirators, communities & their loved ones. The people of the above bevvy assemble on this day to protest for the immediate halt of police & state violence, an end to whorephobia, the stigma & shaming, and to voice for the decriminalisation of soliciting. This day was to contend for a collective power to assemble & make demands.

The message:

The essence of the day is to uplift and protect the most vulnerable in this community. The police are renowned to often target immigrants, the POC, undocumented, trans & gnc sex workers. The activists here want to bolster and empower the on-going struggles that these communities have been facing, and instil in them self-determination & respect. This also applies to those who are subjected to any or all sorts of oppression that they face. The activists believe in the sex workers being able to work in a safe environment free from harassment while upholding dignity & respect in their trade. They believe in working collectively and form a sex workers’ union, and their line of work to be seen as completely valid and valuable.

The Demands:

The demands of most of the activists carrying out this day are decriminalisation of sex workers, immediate cessation of police raids, expanded access to housing, cash, food assistance programs, cessation of racial & whore profiling, immediate clemency/release of all jailed survivors, immediate clemency/release of all imprisoned who are serving time for sex-related crimes, & a moratorium on prostitution-related arrests.

Strategies and Tactics:

Participants are known to feel empowered in whatever direct autonomous actions they could carry out locally. This includes a public protest, organising a panel at college campus levels, occupying city halls, marching to a meeting point to rally, flashmob, overpass banner drops, etc. They believe in doing what is right for their community. They analyse each participant’s capabilities & plan accordingly. They ensure that whether the day is organised as     “International Whores Day,” a “PutaDei” or an “International Sex Workers Day,” event, it is promulgated as the same message worldwide.

The Goals:

The main goal of many of the organisations who observe this day is to promulgate this day and make it as popular it is in the US, also in the world.  Their goals hugely remain to train accomplices & co-conspirators in an unapologetic defence of sex workers. It involves them to grow as a movement which is against whorephobia, whore shaming, & the whole stigma of it. It is to express blatantly, if not freely, the dangerous effects of incriminating, apprehending, detention, incarceration, the inability to report violence against sex workers & various other atrocities that they claim are committed on them.

Whore's Day
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