May 2, 2019

Las Vegas And The Escort Industry

The city of Las Vegas has indeed been booming with escort agencies, strip clubs, and a ton of other controversial, provocative places that tend to border on the illegal side of things. Many of the things that are illegal in other states are legal in the ‘Sin City’, yeah, that’s what they call it. Because that’s the place most of us go, to sin. The phrase “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” has become a very popular phrase indeed, mainly among youths who go to the sin city to party, gamble and whore around. Not all people go there to hire escorts and have strange sex; some people genuinely go there to get intoxicated and have fun with their friends.

Indeed there are literally thousands of escort agencies that operate legitimately in Las Vegas since they see an opportunity there. As stated above, most people who visit Vegas are on the lookout for a jolly good time, and since we, humans are sex-crazed, it is indeed easy for escorts to be of service. While on vacation in the United States, I myself visited Las Vegas for 3 days, we stayed in Caesars Palace, which is a well-known hotel in Vegas. One night I just stepped out for a midnight walk, for some fresh air of course.

I was not on the lookout to hook up with anyone at all; I was just minding my business, walking on the ‘strip’ which is a famous road in Vegas. This lady walks up to me and says “Hey honey, want some company for the night?” Well, that was definitely a hooker; most of these women have affiliations with multiples agencies and go up to men like this and get business. They even throw out their business cards which have a high-resolution picture of themselves and their contact number. I myself found so many of these on the pavements. Many people actually pick up these cards and give these people a call. Escorts help out their business in the same way.

I even saw huge neon signs that kept flickering continuously; they read “girls, girls, hot girls”, this was for a strip club. These girls work as strippers during the day and moonlight as hookers or escorts during the night. Most of them make upwards of $5000 in a week. Many boys and girls actually stand on the ‘strip’ handing out many fliers which promote their escort agencies, strip clubs and even hookers who work on call.

I would confidently say that Las Vegas is THE place for escorts to make a lot of money, only because they will indeed get an insane amount of customers there, the number of people who visit Vegas has only increased over the last couple of years.

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