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The Benefits of Becoming a HGV Driver in the UK in 2022

Oct 24, 2022
The Benefits of Becoming a HGV Driver in the UK in 2022

A HGV license is a great way to earn a decent salary. This industry offers job security. This job can provide a good time-to-work balance. It is also among the fastest-growing sectors in the UK.

Employment security

With a lack of qualified drivers, the demand for HGV drivers is high. A quality training program and a bit of experience can assist you in securing a job with a reputable firm. Drivers of HGVs can expect a decent salary and job security.

The UK has a constant shortage of HGV drivers. Logistics UK recently reviewed the most recent ONS survey of labour force to determine the reason the shortage persists. Although the number of HGV drivers in employment has not decreased as significantly as it did in the past few quarters the shortage of drivers is still high. Despite this, the organisation expressed cautious optimism about the initiatives being taken to address the shortage.

In comparison to other road motorists, HGV drivers spend more time on the road. hgv training are more likely to be involved in accidents than other road users. Drivers of HGVs should be more aware of their surroundings and be more cautious when driving.

Good salary

There are many reasons to be a HGV driver in the UK this is an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to earn money as an HGV driver. A shortage of drivers means you will be able to get an excellent job with an established company and earn a good income. Before you can start making your move, ensure that your vehicle is in good working order.

There is an insufficient number of HGV drivers, which has led to a high demand in the UK for truck drivers. There is a very high pay package for drivers of lorries. Some drivers earn as much as PS70,000 a year. In addition, many HGV drivers are required to work long hours and often at evening hours.

While the average gross salary for HGV drivers in the UK is PS42,753, the earnings in London vary from PS31,489 up to PS52,148. Salary varies widely based on the driving experience and education.

Balance between work and life

The shortage of truck drivers is not just due to an aging workforce or failure to recruit new drivers. The trucking industry trains around 25500 new drivers per year to fill the gap caused by COVID-19. Despite the fact that recruitment has increased in recent years, there are still questions about retention. Many truck drivers quit their job before they reach their mid-thirties. A balanced work-life balance is beneficial.

There are numerous ways to improve work-life balance as a HGV driver. Many drivers have asked for more flexible working schedules and shifts. This can be accomplished by changing the Working Time Directive or Tachograph Hours rules. Other options include adding breaks to the working day.