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Do Modeling Agencies Look at Instagram?

Jul 28, 2022
Model Scouters

While modeling scouts are not required to look at your Instagram profile to find you, it is still crucial to have it accessible to them. If you want to get the most out of your profile, set it to public so that modeling scouts can easily find it. If you use Instagram for personal use, set it to public and delete any unsuitable pictures. Keep your content relevant and clean. Include contact information in your bio so that modeling agencys can contact you.

We Love Your Genes

Increasingly, modeling agencies are looking at Instagram as a new way to find new talent. Instagram makes it possible for casting directors to view the profiles of models from all over the country, from small towns to large metropolises. For maximum exposure, use hashtags and be active. Your photos and bio will be viewed by casting directors. Moreover, be sure to follow the modeling agencies’ pages on Instagram. It is a great incentive to apply for modelling jobs.

In addition to the traditional modeling application process, model scouts also look on social media profiles for new talent. Generally, they start searching for young talent at age sixteen, but some will start looking at as early as twelve. For example, you can follow Alicia Keys, who is signed to Wilhelmina Models. Modeling agencies often browse Instagram to find a model with a good following and a high level of engagement.

IMG’s We Love Your Genes

In a world where social media is king, casting agencies are increasingly using Instagram as a digital casting tool. Brands like ASOS and Marc by Marc Jacobs have already used it to cast campaigns, and now IMG has joined the fun by launching their own account, #WLYG. Hopefully their efforts will lead to new opportunities. However, for now, the hashtag is a low-hanging fruit.

The IMG We Love Your Genes initiative began even before the Coronavirus outbreak. It allows aspiring faces to upload a photo and tag it with the hashtag #WLYG. After receiving the photo, the IMG development team scour the hashtag for new talent. It’s a great way to get your name in front of the world’s leading talent scouts and agents.

Latitude Talent

If you are looking to be discovered on Instagram and get your foot in the door of a modeling agency, you may want to take a look at Latitude Talent. Known for their success in the modeling industry, the talent agency looks at social media to find new talents to represent. Unlike other modeling agencies, Latitude is a completely legit and affordable service. The website features over 30,000 followers and direct connections to many agencies all over the world.

One of the keys to building a following on Instagram is consistency. It’s much easier to continue posting if you’re regularly engaging with your audience, and this is why creating a content calendar is so useful. You can schedule themes and themed stories, and announce new products regularly. The more you post, the more people you’ll have following you. For inspiration, check out Latitude Talent’s Instagram account and take a look at how their models are promoting themselves.