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Probate Lead Generation

May 16, 2022
Probate Lead Generation

Despite what some may think, probate leads often meet all three conditions. First, the inheritors of a deceased person’s second home rarely need the house as a primary residence. Second-home inheritors, meanwhile, own the home free and clear. In fact, they will likely view the profit they make when selling the home as a windfall. That’s why they pay top dollar for probate leads.

Motivated sellers

While there are a number of different types of real estate leads, most investors select a few to focus on. As a result, they become specialists at working with motivated sellers. If you’re new to the world of probate investing, consider purchasing a mini-tutorial from a Florida attorney. Al Nicoletti is an expert in probate real estate issues. He recently presented a webinar about the probate market.

When property is passed down through a probate, the owners tend to be more likely to sell than keep it. Since most people won’t want to keep a second home, probate properties are an excellent source of motivated seller leads. You can also look to buy property that is inherited by an individual. If the property has equity in it, this is even better. While probate property may be off the radar for most investors, it can be a gold mine for savvy investors and hedge funds.

Public record

If you’re a real estate investor, you’re no doubt interested in probate leads. Often, people inherit a property and would like to sell it as quickly as possible. However, because probate can be a long and complicated process, many probate leads would prefer to sell it quickly. And because the property owners are not in the same state as the deceased, probate leads present a great opportunity for real estate investors.

If you want to sell a property quickly and for less than it is worth, probate leads can provide an opportunity. Probate leads are usually sold at a discounted rate, which makes it an excellent investment opportunity for any real estate investor. Unlike other leads, probate sales typically sell below market value, and the heirs generally don’t have the resources to keep the property up to date. In other words, probate leads represent a good opportunity for investors who are looking for property that needs repairs.

Newspaper ads

One of the best ways to generate probate leads is to place ads in your local newspaper. Newspapers are typically filled with ads about deceased locals and their executors. These ads can help you contact them about potential property heirs may have. These classified ads can also be an excellent opportunity to close great deals. Newspaper ads that are at least a month old are best for fresh probate leads. However, if you have a fresh listing that is not yet a month old, you are in luck.

Another option is to place newspaper ads in local community publications. Many San Diego-area newspapers feature stories on local families, schools, and individuals. These publications are read by many people, and will likely attract a large audience. In addition, local businesses may want to advertise in their church bulletin or neighborhood HOA newsletter. Full-color publications are often picked up by visitors or out-of-town guests. They may even sit on the rack for the entire month!

Estate planning or probate attorney

For a real estate professional, Estate planning or probate attorney leads can be extremely valuable. Probate leads come from probates in which the petitioner has filed for the right to use a home. Once that right is granted, the person will likely sell the home. Probate attorneys can benefit from this kind of lead and can generate a good return from one or two closed agreements per year. If you are looking for a new way to generate sales leads for your real estate business, consider working with a probate attorney.

The problem with estate planning leads is that they are wildly unpredictable. If you rely on word of mouth for your leads, you may experience an overstaffing or understaffing of your firm. When new business comes in, you may not be able to handle it all and may find yourself suffering from white-knuckle months. When you rely on referrals, you need to be flexible and able to pivot to fit the needs of your client.